Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Needlepointers and My Needlepoint Jewellery

Collage of valentine's day themed handmade products that make ideal gifts for needlepointers

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it’ll soon be time to treat your special human or if you’re single like me, I think it’s a great time to celebrate our love of needlepoint!

This year Cupid has given me my best match yet, a project to sew, and I’ll be stitching away and chomping chocolates come the 14th.

As I stitch I’ll be admiring the way the thread shimmers and shines and glows when it’s applied to cloth, enjoying the oh-so-satisfying snip of a sharp pair of scissors and relishing the feel of holding the needle and the soft rustle-crunch it makes as it’s pulled through the canvas.

Bobbin and Fred will be swooning all over each other but that’s another story, best suited to after the watershed.

Vintage french kniting doll and papier mache goat with flowers and hearts
Here they are last year before Fred's make over

To show my needlepoint how much I adore and treasure it being a part of my life I’ve put together a gift guide of all the pretty things I’d like to treat it to.

It’s jam-packed with plenty of ideas to spoil your hand sewing hobby and show it how much it means to you, or you could leave it laying around for your special person to see and drop a hint or two.

If you’re not single, be greedy and celebrate both…needlepoint can always use a little extra special attention 😉

Let's do some virtual window shopping! 😀😁💟

I had a lot of fun looking all over for special Valentine's Day gifts. While I looked I thought about what would make a great present for a needlepointer and what would be fun to receive on Valentine’s Day.

Let's have a closer look at what I found...

Cassette Needlepoint Kit with Stitch Painted Canvas by Jenny Henry Designs

Tapestry stitch cassette tape purse with phone, lipstick and loose change
One of the best presents anyone can give me is a mix tape. I’m rubbish at making them so I’m in awe when someone puts together a really good one.

I love getting a glimpse into their music tastes and so enjoy listening to what they’ve chosen with me in mind. This needlepoint mix tape canvas speaks to my handmade soul and, as my mum would say, it’s cute as chips.

Jenny designed the kit with the beginner and intermediate stitcher in mind and she even provides instructions on how to turn the finished canvases into the wristlet on her blog

Chicken Embroidery Floss Bobbins by Kira Nichols

Chicken embroidery floss bobbins with thread wrapped round their middles

These are clucking great 😉 I was delighted and amused when I saw this set of 5 chicken shaped bobbins.

They’re such a fun way to keep embroidery floss organised and super cute. Each bobbin comfortably fits a whole skein of thread and if chickens aren’t your thing Kira also has a set of fish!

Rose & Almond All Natural Nourishing Hand Balm by Bahari Blossom 

Pot of rose and almond hand cream with pink roses
My hands always suffer throughout the winter months. Hangnails are my nemesis and can ruin a piece of needlepoint and make sewing traumatic rather than peaceful.

Every night I moisturise my hands, concentrating on the areas around my nails so they’re lovely a soft when I come to sew the next day.

This rich moisturising hand balm is made with all natural ingredients, a huge plus for me as I avoid chemicals, and it smells of roses…it sounds like heaven in a pot.

Autumn Fruits Canvaswork Box Top or Embroidery Panel Instruction Booklet by Canvaswork Plus 

Canvaswork embroidered wooden box top in pink, red and purple
It wouldn’t be a needlepointers gift guide without a stunning canvaswork pattern to set your world on fire and this red hot design by Diane Grant delivers the goods!

This challenging piece is so decadently stitched, it's a treat for the eyes and hands, and Diane’s stitched it in some of some of my favourite colours!

The booklet provides full instructions with clear stitch diagrams, charts and illustrations so can be taken on by an enthusiastic stitcher with more passion than experience and more advanced needlepointers alike.

'Be Mine' Valentine’s Boho Charm by Ellorias 

Hanging heart charm decoration for Valentine's Day

I can’t get enough of these whimsical Valetine's hanging charms. They’re inspired by memorable moments and thoughtfully designed and handcrafted using new and found treasure. Each one is completely unique and made using Elloria’s own artwork.

There are three Valentine’s ones to choose from at the mo and I think they’re all gorgeous and would make such a sweet gift. I can just see one hanging up in my little studio space, giving me a smile when I look up from my needlework.

Mixture of different yarns all dyed in red tones

These hanks of mixed yarns really are an excellent way to make any creative stitcher happy!

They contain a huge variety of threads from cotton to metallics, sparkly viscose to chenille and are a wonderful way to add highlights of different textures and colours to your needlepoint pieces.

This one’s the red mix and they come in a huge array of colours. I think these are a wonderful way to build up a little stash of mixed fibres and have fun being experimental on the canvas.

Red and White Floral Cotton Sewing Case by Sakamaliss

Red and white quilted sewing case with sewing accessories
Emmanuelle of Sakamaliss designed this sweet quilted pouch based on one her grandmother gave to her, one she still loves and uses today.

It’s ideal for keeping your sewing essentials handy at home or on the go, I adore how it rolls and ties shut. They look incredibly well made too and like they'll last a lifetime!

I’d pop one in each of my project bags so I’ve always got a pair of scissors, threads, tape measure and needles for each project handy.

3x Skeins of Size 5 Hand Dyed Perle Cotton Thread by Pomegranate Colours

Three hanks of pink hand dyed pearl cotton by pomegranate colours

Add depth to your embroidery with this collection of pretty pink hand dyed threads. I love the thought of adding a more unique touch to my needlework with hand dyed threads and this set of three don’t disappoint.

One of the pinks is as bright as bubblegum and the other a divine dusky hue with subtle tone variations created by the hand dying process. The third is a mix of rich fushcia and purples that all blend beautifully together.

These three subtly variegated threads would look stunning as the petals of flowers or the plumage of a bird…let your imagination run wild and pretty in pink.

Little Love Embroidery Scissors with Heart Key Ring Charm by Dangles by Orna
Heart shaped embroidery scissors and key ring with heart charm
Take heart, these sweet heart-shaped scissors manufactured by Kelmscott Design are said to have sharp blades of exceptional quality.

The heart-shaped key ring and stamped metal heart finish them off beautifully and they even come in a little wooden pouch!

These little scissors are such a playful way to cut threads and are perfect for stitching on the move or for keeping in your regular sewing spot.

If that's not enough pink stitchy Valentine's Day goodness for you, I've got a thread palette to share with you too. All the skeins are DMC stranded cotton embroidery floss. 

Four shades of pink embroidery floss by DMC

And last but by no means least, Bobbin and Fred are dying to show off our Vivienne Needlepoint Jewellery Set I designed and made in glorious red!

Needlepoint jewellery set in red tones
©Sewing with Bobbin and Fred, 2017.
The set consists of a necklace and earrings...

Red needlepoint necklace and earrings set
©Sewing with Bobbin and Fred, 2017.

...and a bracelet.

Red embroidered bracelet by Sewing with Bobbin and Fred
©Sewing with Bobbin and Fred, 2017.

Needlepoint makes such wonderful jewellery because it’s SO light and I love the vivid colours embroidery threads offer. It’s washable, gently by hand, and I sprinkle mine with magic (aka. water resister) so it doesn’t attract oils or perfumes. 

I made the pendant in a slightly smaller size in blue hues last week…I’ve popped it next to a tape measure to show the scale.

Blue norwich stitch necklace by Sewing With Bobbin and Fred
©Sewing with Bobbin and Fred, 2017.

These pieces are very wearable and add a gorgeous pop of colour to any outfit. I rarely keep anything I make so I’m determined to sew a set for myself in gorgeous greens. What colours would you like to see them in? Let me know in the comments at the end of the post 🙂

I'm hoping next time I'll be able to show off a finish...needles and threads crossed!

Until then, have a lovely floss filled week xX

Papier mache goat asking for social shares for Sewing With Bobbin and Fred

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my chicken bobbins :) Lovely blog!

    1. You're so welcome, they're a fab product! Thank you, Kira :)

  2. This is a fab post....I love all the amazing Valentine goodies here, such a great choice and something for everyone.

    1. Thank you!! I'm so happy you think so, they're all on my wish list that's for sure!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my rose hand cream :) xx

    1. You're so welcome Bahari, it's my pleasure xo


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