DIY: Mother's Day Pop Up Embroidered Bunting Card

Floral and Sky Blue Embroidered Card by Bobbin and Fred

Every year I promise myself to prepare for occasions like Mother's Day well in advance. I dream of sailing through with the perfect handmade gift and card conjured from the drawer I've been keeping them in until the time comes to give them but the reality is every year I find myself with my hair tied back, sleeves rolled up, flinging glue, thread and needles all around as I rapidly craft away into the late hours of the night before. Does this sound familiar? 

This year I thought I'd help you to be prepared by sharing this tutorial and printable for the card I made my lovely mum last year.

For those of us in England, Mother's Day is quickly approaching! Mark the date, it's March 11th this year, peeps! If you're in the USA or Australia Mother's Day is May 13th but don't fall into the 'plenty of time' trap, if you start now you'll be able to show your mum how you feel without the stress. Do other countries celebrate Mother's Day? Do use the comments to let me know, I love hearing from you.

Surprise 'LOVE YOU LOTS' Bunting Card
Artwork for the card front and inside background Designed by Freepik

To make your mum a beautiful embroidered bunting card, you will need:
* Free printable card front, background and bunting
Download Now
* Craft knife
* Cutting mat
* Embroidery floss in different colours (it's a great project for using up odds and ends)
* Sewing needle
* Thread scissors
* Double-sided tape
* 3x sheets of white A4 card
* 1x 6" square blank card and envelope
* Perforation tool, a needle or drawing pin will do the job
* Steel ruler
* Three buttons for the flower centers
* Superglue

To make the card:
1. Download and print at 100% the PDF printable onto 3 sheets of A4 card.

2. Cut out the card front, inserts and bunting pennants using a craft knife, cutting mat and steel ruler.

3. Keep the card front on the cutting mat and set the other pieces to one side. Use the perforation tool to stab holes into the card front where you want to put stitches and then embroider using a needle and floss.

Close up of embroidered card with floral motif

I treated it like colouring in and used back stitch, french knots, straight stitches and chain stitch to add pops of colour to the design but you can use any stitches you like, wherever you like!

Close up of hand stitched flower on greetings card

When you perforate your holes make them at least 3mm apart and always push the perforation tool into the cutting mat on a flat surface. It's best to make the holes first and then stitch through them, otherwise you risk creasing and ripping the card.

Close up of hand embroidered flower with button centre on a greetings card

I added buttons to the center of three of the flowers to add texture and make them pop. It's a lovely way to delve into your button tin and showcase your pretty buttons.

Embroidery on floral line drawing greetings card for Mother's Day

4. Turn the card front over and stick double-sided tape on all four of the outside edges. Peel the backing off and stick the card front to the blank card.

5. Take the bunting pieces and use the perforation tool and cutting mat to make a hole where each grey dot is.

6. Make a hole on each side at the top of every pennant too so you can string the bunting together.

7. Use floss and a needle to embroider the letters to spell LOVE YOU LOTS. You can use this photo as a guide.

Surprise pop up bunting in greeting card that spells 'Love you lots'

8. Cut six small squares of card from the leftover scraps and make two holes in each square. Thread the floss through the holes of one square, tie a knot and trim the excess floss away.

Sew floss to a card square to stick bunting inside of card

9. Thread the bunting letters onto the floss to form the words. String each word separately. Add another card square to end each word, ready to stick into place.

Embroidered card bunting being strung to stick inside a greetings card
This photo is from a birthday bunting card I'll share with you soon
11. Use the double-sided tape to stick the inserts onto the inside of the card.

12. Dab superglue onto the backs of the card squares on the bunting and stick them to the inserts so that the square at the beginning of each word is stuck to the left side of the card and the square at the end of the word is stuck to the right. When the card is opened the bunting will pop out. 

This tutorial is for personal use only: please do use it to make as many cards as you'd like to give as gifts but don't make any for sale. You may borrow a photo or two if you want to blog about this project but remember to credit me, Shannan of Bobbin and Fred, and link back to this post. Please do not reproduce my entire post or share the printable itself on your site. Thank you so much xX

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and have a go at embroidering your mum a card this Mother's Day. If you’d like to show yours off tag me @bobbinandfred or #bobbinandfred on Instagram. I’d love to see it!

Until next time, have a fab floss filled week xX

Collage of pictures showing blue embroidered flowers mothers day card with pop up bunting inside

Little papier mache goat with speech bubble asking for social media shares


  1. This is a lovely tutorial and so eay to follow. Any mum would love to receive this card. :-)

    1. Awww *blows you a kiss* Thank you so much, Jacky xX


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