DIY: Large Presentation Gift Box for the Belle Jewellery Set

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One of the biggest dilemmas I had when I made something to gift was how to present it. After spending hours and hours sewing it felt like I was letting the pieces down just wrapping them in pretty paper. I felt like they deserved more. The other problem with that is, once unwrapped, there's nowhere to keep them safe. I wanted to create something special, that looked good and
showed the jewellery off to its best and something that also provided  the recipient somewhere to store their new treasures.

I'm not sure how many people know this but I LOVE boxes. Seriously, I go wild for them. If a product comes in a cleverly designed box I'm always that little bit more impressed by it. I even have my own collection of boxes, a collection I bought a special glass-fronted display case for earlier in the year. Something in a box always looks and feels much more special so it wasn't much of a leap before I decided I had to have my own boxes to put my stitched jewels in. I started using templates I found for free online but quickly outgrew them, wanting my own design on the outside and the right size and layout to perfectly display the individual projects I designed.

I began by sketching motifs and playing around with repeat patterns for the outside of the box. I wanted something that reflected the needlepoint designs on the jewellery. Then I thought about how I wanted the pieces to be displayed wasn't long before this rather fabulous presentation box was born!

hand stitched bracelet, necklace and earrings in display gift box

The best bit is, it's really easy to make. If I can make it, so can you. Pinky promise.

Before we get started on the box, you might like to make the Belle Jewellery Set to put in it. There's a tutorial to make the necklace, earrings and bracelet in this month's beautiful issue of Needlepoint Now.

How to make a gift box for the Belle Jewellery Set

3x sheets of white card
Craft Knife
Steel Ruler
Cutting Mat
Super Glue
Tissue Paper
Paper Twine

Before you begin, download the template here:
Download Belle Gift Box Template

I haven't taken photos showing each stage...I promise I'll do that soon and update this but until then hopefully you can see how it's going to fit together from looking at the template. If you get stuck (fingers crossed not literally! Go easy on the superglue, it's dangerous stuff) feel free to drop me a line so I can help you nail it.

1. Print the template. Load your printer with the card and in the Print Dialogue Box select 'Print on Both Sides: Flip sheets on short edge'. This will ensure the pretty design is on the outside of the box while the helpful guide is on the inside.

2. Cut all the pieces out carefully using a craft knife and steel ruler. You might want to use scissors for the circular Bobbin and Fred sticker!

3. Cut a piece of felt to the same size as the purple insert.

4. Ensure you're looking at the inside of the lid and bottom and gently score along all of the lines created where pink and green meet. Hold the ruler firmly with one hand and use a light pressure on the craft don't want to cut all the way through by mistake.

5. Fold along all of the scored lines, pushing the edges into the middle and then unfold them.

6. Now it's time to glue it together. If you're anything like me with superglue, watch it!

7. Let's start with the lid. You need to glue the small pink tabs to the inside of the lid's walls. Dab the superglue onto the back of the two pink tabs on the left-hand side of the lid. Press the tabs to the inside corners of the long edges at the left-hand end of the lid.

8. Glue the two pink tabs on the right-hand side of the lid to the inside corners on the right-hand side.

9. The sides of the lid are double walled for stability. Fold the sides down into the lid to create the double wall and then fold the long thin tab out away from the wall into the middle so it sits neatly on the bottom of the lid.

10. Apply superglue along the whole length of the edge and press the tab tight against the wall you've created. Run a finger along the tab until it sticks it into place.

11. Repeat Steps 9 and 10 for all four sides. You should now have a completed lid.

12. Repeat Steps 6-10 for the bottom.

You should now have a lid and a bottom! Awesome! There's only a little more to do...

13. Punch a hole where the white crosses are marked on the purple insert and carefully cut along the white lines with the craft knife and ruler.

13. Fold the short tabs to the left and right-hand sides of the white lines up towards the top of the insert. Then fold the tabs down leaving about 3mm from the first fold to create a step on either side for the bracelet to sit under.

14. Fold a piece of tissue paper and put it in the bottom leaving enough on the long sides to fold it back in like a letter and place the felt on top of the tissue paper. Then add your Belle Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet to the insert and pop it all on top of the felt.

15. Fold the tissue paper in and stick the circular Bobbin and Fred sticker on top to seal the tissue paper.

Handmade Jewellery Gift Box by Bobbin and Fred

16. Pop the lid on and punch a hole in the pink tag. You could make your own tag for personal touch.

17. Wrap a length of paper twine around the box and thread the label on before tying in a knot. Trim the ends so they're nice and neat.

Hey Presto! You now have an entirely handmade gorgeous looking gift wrapped present.

Bobbin and Fred Gift Box DIY Tutorial

All that's left to do is to brace yourself for all the compliments you're bound to receive when you hand this little beauty over!

I'll be back with more gift box templates and hand stitched projects for you to fill them with soon.

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