DIY: Cross Stitch Star Trek Insignia

Cross stitch star trek next generation insignia badge

Star Trek Discovery returns to our screens after a mid-season break and I'm so pleased it's back! When I first heard about the new series I was reminded of joyful Sunday afternoons spent watching reruns of Star Trek Next Generation and couldn't wait to get stuck into Discovery.

It’s brought my fellow Trekkie friends out of the woodwork, or should that be the neutronium alloy? and paved the way
for me to cross stitch this wonderful Star Trek insignia badge.

I made mine for Gaz, who loves Star Trek and like me, grew up with Next Generation, and here’s how you can make one for your friend too! Or maybe just keep it for yourself...I won't tell if you don't 😉

First off, the cross stitch chart was designed by a wonderful cross stitching Trekkie named starrley and it’s available free to use as you wish here on DeviantArt. Starrley, if you’re reading this thank you so much for the pattern, it’s awesome and I love your Pokemon cross stitches!

Now you’ve got the pattern it’s time to stitch.

To make this project you'll need to know how to cross stitch. If you're a beginner, no problem! Learn how with The Cross Stitch Guild's great guide: Stitch Basics.

You'll also need to know how to do an overcast stitch. It's really simple to learn, check out Craftsy's guide, How to Handsew: The Overcast Stitch, to get started.

You will need:
The chart. If you didn’t grab it from the link up there it’s available here
DMC shades 415, 414, 727, 725 and 310
14ct plastic canvas
Craft scissors
Thread scissors
Tapestry needle - Size 26
Black felt
Small brooch back

DMC threads in yellow, black and grey, Star Trek Insignia Cross Stitch Chart and plastic canvas

1.    Stitch the design as per the chart using two strands of cotton at a time. Cross all your stitches in the same direction for a beautiful shine and neat finish to your sewing.

Progress shot of cross stitching star trek enterprise insignia on plastic canvas

2.    Using the craft scissors, cut the plastic canvas around the outside of the stitches. Trim all the nubs of plastic off so the threads are smooth. Cut the corners on the diagonal. Take care not to cut too close otherwise you’ll weaken the thread and the canvas could break.

3.    Next up, sew the brooch back  onto the back of the insignia. To get the nicest finish stitch through the backs of the cross stitches, don’t go through the canvas otherwise you’ll stitches will be seen on the front.

Sewing the brooch back onto plastic canvas

4.    Take the black felt and cut two holes for the brooch back to go through. I did this by holding the felt over the brooch back and snipping where the bumps for the clasp and pin hinge were with my scissors and then carefully enlarging the holes afterwards.

5.    Slide the felt over the pin and the clasp so it sits flush with the canvas and then carefully cut the felt around the edge, using the plastic canvas as your guide.

Back of star trek insignia badge showing how to cut the felt

6.    Take two strands of black floss and secure the thread to the back of the stitches underneath the felt and then overcast stitch around the edge to secure the felt to the canvas. Pass through each hole twice.

Overcast stitch felt to plastic canvas for a neat finish on star trek insignia badge

7.    When you’ve gone the whole way round secure the end of the thread underneath a few of the overcast stitches at the back and trim the end close to the stitches.

8.    All that’s left to do is practice your ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ impressions.

Cross Stitched Star Trek Enterprise Insignia Badge

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and making your own cross stitch Star Trek badge. If you’d like to show yours off tag me @bobbinandfred or #bobbinandfred on Instagram. I’d love to see it!

This is the first piece of fan art I can remember making and it got me wondering what other designer makers have been up to. I headed over to Etsy and lost an hour or two admiring the fantastic Star Trek inspired creations I found on there.

To save you a fall down the rabbit hole I’ve rounded up my favourites 😀

Collage of Star Trek Fan art for sale on Etsy
Resistance is futile, and unnecessary. After all what Trekkie wouldn’t be delighted to keep warm under this quilt? This pattern collection is a fab on-the-go quilting project as they're all constructed using the English Paper Piecing technique. Grab your sewing needles and your fabric scissors, and make it so!

Live Long and Prosper Sock Yarn by Lady Purl 
I’m certain any feet dressed in this fab Spock inspired colourway will have peace and long life. This yarn was inspired by the logical human-Vulcan commanding officer that filled our hearts with so much joy and, now you can fill your feet and their admirers with joy too.

Captain’s Log Star Trek Notebook by Tin Soldier Shop
I love the thought of writing my sewing notes and problem solving in my own Captain’s Log Notebook. As Captain Picard said, ‘things are only impossible until they’re not’.
Middle row, left to right
Star Trek Lientenant Uhura ‘The Future is Female’ felt wall hanging/ornament – PDF Pattern by  Craft Subversive
The future is female. Star Trek knew it and we do too…give her all she’s got and celebrate your belief in the fairer sex with this fab felty decoration.

Live Long and Prosper – Star Trek Counted Cross Stitch Kit by Purple Panzy
Set phasers to stun your guests as you welcome and bless them into your part of the galaxy with this excellent contemporary cross stitch kit. It contains everything you need to get stitching.

Star Trek Enterprise Rocker by Gand G Rockers
Even tiny humans can boldly go where no man has gone before with this incredible Star Trek Enterprise Rocker! Wow the toddlers in your life and set them up for a lifetime of adventure.

Bottom row, left to right
Star Trek Next Generation Cross Stitch Pattern by Amazing Cross Stitch
Assemble the crew and let’s get sewing! This is so cute. If I were stitching this I couldn’t resist personalising the crew to look like my friends and popping their names underneath. Luckily this would be totally possible as Amazing Cross Stitch will customise the pattern for you, just message them with your requirements.

Captain Kirk 3D Cross Stitch Doll PDF Pattern by Robin's Design
It's not highly illogical, it's totally AMAZING!!! Robin's Design takes the stress out of it by providing highly detailed and very precise step-by-step instructions so you can cross stitch your very own Caption Kirk to explore the final frontier with.

Star Trek Inspired Dot Work Print by All Seeing Eye Tattoo
I’m a Doctor, not an illustrator. And we don’t have to be. Award winning tattoo artist Steve Wade has got us covered with this spectacular fine line dot work illustration.

That concludes this week's sci-fi themed installment, I hope you've enjoyed it. Today may be a good day to die but it’s definitely a good day to cross stitch.

Have you found any must-see Star Trek inspired designs? You can share links to them or your thoughts on my finds in the comments below.

I'll be back next week...until then, Live Long and Prosper.

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  1. Oh fabulous, I'm a bit of a trekkie myself, so this project was perfect! Thank you for stopping by Feeling Stitchy and leaving a comment, so nice to "meet" you!

    1. Excellent! Online Trekkie's Unite ;) You're so welcome, it's lovely to "meet" you too, Floresita :) and connect with another embroidery fan!


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