Review: 3Chooks Lampshade Making Kit

3Chooks Lampshade Making Kit Boxed

If you've already spied my newly released Rose Garden Cross Stitch Lampshade pattern you'll know I used the 3Chooks Lampshade Making Kit to magic the stitched fabric into a flawless drum lampshade.

Although I'm now radiating positivity and a can-do attitude having made a beautiful shade, at first I was afraid, I was petrified...
saggy fabric and a messy finish plagued my imagination... but Gloria Gaynor was not my source of strength. Anna of 3Chooks Lampshades was! With Anna's help I grew strong and I learnt how to get along 😉

The kit arrived quickly, despite winging its way to England from Australia so if you're in Australia it'll be there lightning fast! The kit arrives looking gorgeous in bright, cheery packaging that promises you'll end up with a 'professionally finished lampshade'.

Can we all just take a moment to admire that gorgeous box? I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging and this kit does not disappoint!

When I opened it up... I was greeted with, Hooray! Let's Make a Lampshade! which helped create a feeling of lighthearted excitement as I began my adventure into a new craft.

Opening the 3Chooks lampshade making kit

In the kit you will find: 
  • Wire Ring Set - one plain ring, one fitted ring (28mm washer fitting)
  • Cotton Tape
  • Lampshade Paper Cut To Size
  • Helmar Craft Glue 50ml
  • Step-By-Step Full Colour Instructions 
Everything in the kit is of very good quality. The lampshade paper is the best in the world and the glue is excellent for the task in hand. I even have enough glue left to make another shade with. It's all ready to use out of the box, you can get stuck in straight away!
Contents of a 3Chooks Lampshade Making Kit

I just had to add a few basic craft supplies: scissors, an iron and a ruler along with my cross stitched fabric and a handful of wooden pegs. Pegs, you ask? Yep, pegs! They're really handy for making lampshades. You'll use them to peg the fabric to the rings in preparation to glue the fabric down...

Cross stitched fabric pegged to lampshade ring

...and the thin end comes in handy tucking the fabric under the lampshade rings!

using a peg to tuck the fabric under a lampshade ring by Bobbin and Fred

I find craft kits can feel a bit cold and solitary to use but the way Anna's written the instructions makes following  them feel like being in a workshop with her. It was like having a super-experienced, friendly lampshade making expert on my shoulder, walking me through the steps, bit by bit. Anna even encourages us to share a photo of our finished shades with her and the Chookie community.

The instructions are jam-packed with top tips, problem solvers and detailed photos for every step of the way. Anna even calls a tea break so we can admire what we've done so far! You can't get better advice than that when you're halfway through a creative task.

As long as you methodically work through the instructions there's no way you could muck it up or make a mistake, Anna's got you covered! If you do run into trouble Anna's on hand with her contact details so you can get in touch and quiz her if need be.

I took my time but all in all it took a few hours to achieve cross stitch lampshade perfection. Well...once I'd finished the cross stitching it took a few hours, the stitching took a liiiittle bit longer.

Cross stitch rose design lampshade luxury home decor

And just in case you think it's a fluke, I'm not the only one! Elspeth shares her first shade made with Anna's kit on the 3Chooks blog and you'll find a selection of beautifully finished shades made by beginner Chookies here.

I share how I came up with the design over on my post, New Pattern: Rose Garden Cross Stitch Lampshade.

I also had the pleasure of chatting to Anna about how she balances running a creative business with family life, what it takes to launch a craft kit for the wholesale market and her favourite fabric designers! You can read all about it here, Let's Meet: Anna Trigg, 3Chooks Lampshade Designer

You can find the full tutorial and pattern to make my Rose Garden Cross Stitch Lampshade in June's issue of Homespun!


Front cover of Homespun Australia, June 2018

Flower cross stitch lampshade by Bobbin and Fred
I hope I've sparked your imagination and you're excited at the prospect of making your own custom shades to style your home and wow your friends.

Anna and me would love to see your finished shades if you give it a go! Tag us on Instagram @bobbinandfred and @3Chooks or get in touch via email.

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Until next time,  happy stitching!

Shannan, Bobbin and Fred xX

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