Pattern: Rose Garden Cross Stitch Lampshade

Teal, purple and pink rose cross stitch lampshade design by Bobbin and Fred

It's here! After eighteen months in the making my Rose Garden Cross Stitch Lampshade Pattern is out now! It's been so hard to keep quiet for so long but I'm hollering it from the rooftops at last. 

You'll find this pattern in June's issue of Homespun on shelves near you (if you're in Australia) or online for the rest of us.

Front cover of Homespun magazine, June 2018

Cross Stitch Lampshade by Bobbin and Fred
The tutorial includes a materials list, the charted design to stitch and step-by-step instructions with photos showing you how to turn your stitched masterpiece into a drum table lampshade.

You can probably guess from the name where my inspiration came from for this design... that's right, it's based on the roses growing in my garden which I photographed and sketched before charting into a cross stitch.

Pretty pink roses in garden flower bed
I love how its petals look spray painted

As always, this design started out as a series of sketches, stitch samples and research. When I design a new project I end up with loads of bits of paper scattered all around me so I like to compile my final ideas onto one sheet.

Design sheet showing moodboard of ideas for cross stitch lampshade project

I developed the colour palette from Pantone's 2018 TECH-nique which stars a fresh combination of my favourite colours. It was such a treat to use my faves to create a contemporary take on a traditional theme. I found out later that green roses are actually a thing! Don't believe me? Here's the proof.

Green rose with pink leaves cross stitched fabric

I stitched this design using two strands of cotton thread over four onto a linen evenweave fabric. The design itself was a pleasure to stitch, I loved working with larger stitches and the linen. I found the best way to handle the fabric while stitching it was to mount it onto a roller frame and keep the tension loose. You want to keep the weave of the fabric as even as possible, if you stretch it you'll distort the weave, making it trickier to turn into a shade.

My other Top Tip is to start each new thread with a knotless loop, that way when you apply the lampshade paper to the back of the fabric you'll get a very smooth finish as there won't be any bumpy knots to contend with.

Having never made a lampshade before, I couldn't have done this alone. I collaborated with Anna Trigg of 3Chooks Lampshades and used one of her brilliant lampshade making kits for the construction.

3Chooks Lampshade Making Kit, packaging and contents

It's thanks to Anna's expert tuition given in the fantastic instructions included in the kit that I was able to achieve such a great result first time... and so will you! The Homespun tutorial includes Anna's top-notch guidance so you too can make an heirloom piece.

I'm not the only one who's had fist time success, loads of Chookies have! Elspeth shares her first lampshade making adventure with us over on Anna's blog and a looky loo at Let's Meet: Anna Trigg, Lampshade Maker will reveal loads of fab shades Anna's beginner Chookies have made.

Still unconvinced? That's ok! I've unboxed and reviewed my experience with the kit over on my post, Review: 3Chooks Lampshade Making Kit, to help you make your mind up.

Anna has plenty of tips and support over on her website and blog, including a fantastic YouTube video showing how to roll the edges like a pro.

The Rose Garden Cross Stitch Lampshade was my first time but it definitely won't be my last. I enjoyed making this lampshade so much I'm eying up all our other light fittings at home, it truly is addictive!

As you can see, the Rose Garden is lighting up my bedside but my pendant shade's in desperate need of a makeover and we've plenty more around the house.

Contemporary Lampshade Design featuring Modern Floral Cross Stitch

I hope you love this pattern as much as we do and fancy turning your needle to a cross stitch project with a twist.

If you have a go at making this project, we would love to hear from you! We're here, shaking our pompoms from the sidelines and cheering you on and, ready to lend you a virtual hand if need be.

Say hello via email or tag me on Instagram using @bobbinandfred and #bobbinandfred and Anna using @3Chooks and #3Chooks

Ooh, before I go, I had the pleasure of chatting to Anna about how she balances running a creative business with family life, what it takes to launch a craft kit for the wholesale market and her favourite fabric designers! You can read all about it here

That's all for now Lovely Stitch Folks...

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May your creative juices flow with crosses and shades and you have a fab, floss-filled day!

Shannan, Bobbin and Fred xX

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